The Role of Emotional Intelligence in the Judgmental Accuracy of Neuroticism

Permack, Daniella
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University of Guelph

Recently there has been increased interest in using employment interviews to judge personality (Christiansen, 2005; Powell & Goffin, 2009). However, not all personality traits are accurately detected. Previous research has demonstrated that Neuroticism is a trait that is difficult to correctly identify (Lippa & Dietz, 2000; Powell & Goffin, 2009; Watson, 1989). Neuroticism differs from the other Big Five traits because it is more affective in nature. It is proposed that those that are superior at detecting emotions in others will be better at judging Neuroticism in others. The purpose of the current research is to examine the relationship between emotional intelligence(specifically accuracy at detecting emotions) and accuracy in making personality judgments. A significant relation was found between emotional intelligence and accuracy in detecting Neuroticism. Implications for research and practice are discussed.

employment interviews, rater accuracy, emotional intelligence, neuroticism, extraversion, dispositional intelligence