Quantum Monte Carlo for Nuclear Physics: On and Off the Lattice

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University of Guelph

We investigate the nuclear many-body problem through two projects. First, we develop a novel method for calculating the second-order perturbation theory correction to the ground state energy of a nuclear-many system in a Diffusion Monte Carlo calculation. Higher perturbative corrections are difficult to calculate in most \textit{ab initio} many-body methods since they are usually concerned with calculating only the ground state energy. By mapping the calculation of the second-order correction to an evolution in imaginary time using Diffusion Monte Carlo, we calculate these terms for the first time in a continuum nuclear context. We employ our new method to investigate the perturbativeness of modern nuclear interactions derived from chiral effective field theory. The second project approaches the nuclear many-body problem within a lattice formalism. We apply Auxiliary Field Quantum Monte Carlo which is used widely for the study of condensed matter systems and modify it to study nuclear systems.

Nuclear Physics, Quantum Monte Carlo, Neutron Stars, The Hubbard Model, Cold Atomic Physics, Nuclear Many-Body Problem
Curry, R., Lynn, J. E., Schmidt, K. E., & Gezerlis, A. (2023). Second-Order Perturbation Theory in Continuum Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations. https://doi.org/10.48550/arxiv.2302.07285