Understanding the values of young adult volunteers

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Lane, Carolyn
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University of Guelph

Performing a service for an organization or individual without receiving compensation is known as volunteering. In Canada, volunteers are of great economic and social value. Consequently, it is imperative to develop a rich and deep understanding of Canadian volunteers. The present study sought to determine if the voluntary organization activities that volunteers select to participate in are a reflection of their values. The sample consisted of volunteers from four voluntary organizations from a mid-sized University in Ontario, Canada. The study used both quantitative and qualitative investigation techniques. The quantitative investigation involved a sample of 176 students and was completed using an online survey featuring the terminal and instrumental values from the Rokeach Value Survey. The qualitative portion ofthe study was based on 14 in-depth interviews. Quantitative findings were insightful. Qualitative findings were unanticipated and strongly suggest that further research should be completed. Implications will be discussed.

service, volunteers, Canadian volunteers, voluntary organization activities, values