The role of governance and knowledge systems in adaptation to climate change in Hopedale, Nunatsiavut

Fleming, Laura Lee
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University of Guelph

This thesis assesses the role of governance and knowledge systems, including formal and informal institutions in the process of adaptation to climate change. Based on an assessment of vulnerabilities in the community of Hopedale, Nunatsiavut, this research identifies and describes the influence of institutions and systems of knowledge and governance pertaining to natural resource management in Hopedale, across multiple levels, in facilitating or constraining adaptive capacity to deal with climate change. Institutions and governance systems provide Hopedale residents with capacity to deal with climate and other changes, through their representation in natural resource management decision making arrangements such as the Torngat Management Boards as a result of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement. Other interactions within and between these institutions such as the differences in governance approaches between Nunatsiavut and Provincial institutions have the effect of hindering or reducing capacity. Ultimately, the interactions and processes within and across institutions and systems of governance play an important role in the process of enhancing adaptive capacity and reducing Hopedale residents' vulnerability to climate and other change.

governance, knowledge systems, Hopedale, Nunatsiavut, natural resource management, adaptive capacity, climate change