O. A. C. Review Volume XXX Issue 1, September 1917

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Ontario Agricultural College

This issue's agricultural articles include a history of the field drainage work conducted at the O. A. C., a tour of Craighleigh in Toronto, mosaic disease in potatoes, a report on the Mule foot Hog, and a report on the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Seed Growers' Association. Three agricultural articles focus on dairy production, they include, augmenting farm income with intensive dairying methods, the O. A. C.'s improvement of dairy cattle, and testing dairy cattle in Ontario for their milk yield. This issue's poultry article is on increasing poultry production due to high demand. Campus news contains an article on cramming for examinations, the production of The Cricket on the Hearth, and the uncertain outlook for the 1917 rugby season. The editorial continues the debate on continuing the hospital co-operative, a welcome to the new students, and suggestions on how to excel at college. The Alumni column features updates of the class of 1917, marriage announcements, and updates on military service. This issue does not include a Macdonald column.

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