Assessing spatial and temporal variability of ephemeral streamflow in southern Ontario

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Bhamjee, Rashaad
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University of Guelph

There has been little research into the processes driving ephemeral streams in humid environments. In part this was due to a lack of monitoring equipment suit able for the measurement of flow at high spatial and temporal resolutions. This reasearch explores an ephemeral stream sensor design that both improves on previous attempts as well as introducing new aspects which allow for more efficient monitoring. The setup of the network and post-processing of the data are explored, especially with regard to noise. The second part of this thesis looks at the duration, timing, expansion and contraction models and controls on flow in Southwestern Ontario, specifically Rondeau Bay. Implications of this research such as those relating to water quality and quantity and the way in which ephemeral streams are thought of in both academic and applied is discussed with regard to agricultural watersheds in general.

Southern Ontario, Ephemeral streamflow, Stream sensor, Water quality, Humid environments