A framework for dynamic content generation for mobile devices

Sydoryshyn, Robert
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University of Guelph

Mobile devices are gaining in popularity every year as more devices are released that appeal to all of the different types of people and their lifestyles. In parallel the technology involved evolves and reduces in size making devices smaller and more powerful. Mobile devices, such as Personal Data Assistants (PDAs) and smart phones can be used in more areas than just the business world. Classrooms can utilize these devices for interactive in class assignments, quizzes, help, presentations, and even demos. Many development studios exist to create rich and beautiful applications or games for mobile devices, such as a Blackberry, but they all require extensive knowledge in programming languages (i.e. Java). To further utilize the available power and vast quantity of mobile devices we discuss and propose developing a framework for dynamic content generation. The content development framework proposed will be able to facilitate the development and generation of mobile applications for various Java based platforms. Being able to choose from different supported resolutions increases the usefulness and practical abilities of a solution such as this. The development framework consists of several predefined templates to aid during the development process as well as blank forms for more customizability. A proof of concept framework and development environment was developed to prove and demonstrates the capabilities and potential for this framework.

mobile device, dynamic content generation, content development framework, mobile applications, Java based platforms