International Reference Group on Great Lakes Pollution from Land Use Activities detailed study plan

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International Reference Group on Great Lakes Pollution from Land Use Activities (Land Drainage Reference Group)
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International Joint Commission

An overview of the International Group on Great Lakes Pollution from Land Use Activities' study plan which emphasizes four main tasks: Task A. To assess problems, management programs and research and to attempt to set priorities in relation to the best information now available on the effects of Land use activities on water quality in boundary waters of the Great Lakes. Task B. Inventory of Land use and Land use practices, with emphasis on certain trends and projections to 1980 and, if possible, to 2020. Present land use report to be completed in 1974, report on trends to be completed in 1975. Task C. Intensive studies of a small number of representative watersheds, selected and conducted to permit some extrapolation of data to the entire Great Lakes basin and to relate contamination of water quality, which may be found at River mouths on the Great Lakes, to specific. Land uses and practices. Preparation activities in 1974, intensive surveys in 1975 and 1976. Task D. Diagnosis of degree of impairment of water quality in the Great Lakes, including assessment of concentrations as contaminants of concern in sediments, fish and other aquatic resources. Activities during 1974 - 1976. The proposed Schedule of Activities for the Land Drainage Reference Study, dependent, of course, on funding, is included in this submission, together with descriptions of these activities, Participating agencies and costs. Activity costs are "supplementary" unless otherwise indicated. A summary of the budgetary requirements is included in Appendix l-2.

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