I Drowned Here

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Sezgin, Evren
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University of Guelph

I DROWNED HERE is a collection of short stories that explores the complicated, messy, disturbing, romantic, fantastic lives of mixed race queer Middle Eastern peoples in North America. A scorned divorcee is on a mission to track down his recently deceased son’s stolen casket. An employee struggles to keep their local Turkish-Canadian community center afloat. A failed writer grapples with his mixed feelings for his editor while they promote an anthology. A widow does everything in her power to keep her son from moving from Istanbul to Los Angeles with his pregnant wife. A man tries to find control in his abusive relationship by interacting with strangers in the apartment building next to his. A concierge can’t decide how to disclose his feelings for a tenant in the building he works in. Life is a myriad of waves of different emotions that crash down on a person throughout the day. This book is a collection of those waves.

LGBTQ+, Middle East, Short Stories