Investigating methods of integrating liquid manure into a conservation tillage cropping system

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Schell, G.
Alder, V.
Samson, R.
Gasser, P.-Y.
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Agriculture Canada

This research project was funded by the Canada-Ontario Green Plan. Green Plan research activities were designed to promote environmentally sustainable agriculture within the farming community. The objectives of this project were established by the Green Plan Agreement Management Committee and included: Objective A - to determine the influence of the source (cattle, swine, poultry), amount and method of manure application on the nutrient status in the soil and availability to crop growth in a conservation tillage system, and Objective B - to investigate techniques of retaining the nutritive value of manure within the rooting zone in a conservation cropping system. While the objectives of the project were focused on an investigation of methods of integrating manure management in a conservation tillage system, an important secondary goal was to produce information which would be directly relevant and of immediate use to a wide range of farmers. This was the underlying purpose behind conducting on farm research. The direct and significant involvement of farmers in designing, implementing and interpreting the research was seen as key to wider application of results and significant impact on the goals of the Green Plan.

Green Plan
agriculture, livestock, manure management, nutrient management, conservation cropping system, soil quality, water quality