Sampling and control strategies for European chafer, Rhizotrogus majalis (Razoumowsky), in field corn

Renkema, Justin Marten
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University of Guelph

European chafer (EC) 'Rhizotrogus majalis' (Razoumowsky) is a new pest of economic concern in field corn. A management strategy encompassing a sampling plan with Wald's sequential probability ratio test and a critical density of 1.7 larvae per eight, 1 dm2 plugs was developed and evaluated with simulated operating characteristic and average sample number functions. Taylor's Power Law and the negative binomial distribution were fit to larval counts. Control of EC by the insecticide clothianidin as a seed treatment was assessed and compared with existing insecticides. Clothianidin was more effective than tefluthrin and equal to thiamethoxam and imidacloprid in microplot trials. It was equally effective as imidacloprid in field trials. Newly designed chemical attractant and blacklight traps caught fewer EC beetles than the standard blacklight trap in turf and field sites, but the timing of peak beetle catches was nearly identical between trap and site types.

European chafer|Rhizotrogus majalis, field corn, pest, Clothianidin