Islamic city: The emergence and development during the early Islamic period (622-750 A.D.)

Zamel, Jafar A. R.
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University of Guelph

The purpose of this research is to study and analyze the origin of the Islamic city as an entity that developed over historical stages, so the research focuses on the early period of emergence of the Islamic city. This thesis thus discusses and corrects Eurocentric misconceptions about the establishment and development of the Islamic city by explaining its structure and the factors which influenced the planning of Islamic cities during Early Islamic era (622-750 AD). This study will also discuss many Islamic cities as a separate unit, such as al-Madina, al-Basra, al-Kuf?a, al-Fustat, Damascus, al-Qayrawan? and Wasit. Such cities flourished under the rule of Muslims in their efforts to develop urban life. The goal of Islamic city thus was to provide the security, wealth, and piety to the Muslim community and the minorities who live among that community.

origin, Islamic city, period of emergence, Eurocentric misconceptions, establishment, development, structure, planning, Early Islamic era