Clean Up Rural Beaches (CURB) plan for Lake Huron beaches in the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority watershed

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Fuller, Robert
Foran, Mary Ellen
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Queen's Printer for Ontario

The goal of the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority Rural Beaches Study is to prevent the posting of public beaches at Goderich due to bacterial pollution originating within the Maitland River watershed. The objectives of the study through to December 1988 were: (i) to identify and rank livestock operations as to their potential to cause fecal bacteria contamination, (ii) to identify individual sources of bacterial pollution within the Maitland Watershed, (iii) to promote an awareness of the impacts of rural sources of bacterial contamination on surface water quality, (iv) to promote the adoption of alternative manure and waste management practices to reduce bacterial contamination, (v) to document water quality problems related to bacterial sources within the Maitland watershed. The objective of this document is to estimate the relative fecal coliform bacteria contributions delivered to Lake Huron from the sources identified. In addition, strategies are proposed to reduce fecal coliform loads from specific sources in order to prevent future postings of public beaches within the MVCA jurisdiction.

Rural Beaches Strategy (RBS) Program
Clean Up Rural Beaches (CURB) Program
watershed, rural beaches, water quality, pollution, bacteria, contamination, manure management