O. A. C. Review Volume XLVIII Issue 5, February 1936

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Ontario Agricultural College

This issue begins with a tribute to King George V. The editorial comments on College Royal and final examinations. Student contributed articles address the quality of English on campus, applying oneself as a student, and using lecturing as a form of instruction. Other articles pertain to using explosives on the farm for stump removal, a travel diary about Alaska's "Soapy" Smith, and an article on the Canadian Officers Training Corp (C. O. T. C.). The column contributed by an O. V. C. student addresses college spirit. Articles on College Royal encourage learning details on exhibiting techniques and improving showmanship. The literary section focuses on events in Russia. Campus news reports on the 1937 party, the Conversazione, marriage announcements, and the prize-winning breeding stock on campus. The Macdonald Institute column comments on the new era of etiquette, and student humour. The Alumni column provides an obituary for Thomas Holgate, profiles some members of the Class of 1923, and alumni updates. The sports section reports on the various athletic endeavors of the students.

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