Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with sex and growth traits in Atlantic cod (Gadus Morhua)

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Hastings, Christina E.
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University of Guelph

High consumer demand coupled with a general decline in cod stocks has stimulated the development of cod aquaculture. Extensive genomic tools have been developed including 1,298 mapped Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) markers. These SNPs were tested for association with sex determination and growth traits. Twenty SNPs spread over a distance of 45 cM on a single linkage group were found to be associated with sex. Multiple linear models were used to find SNP associations with a variety of weight and carcass composition traits. Three body weight traits were highly correlated and 15 SNPs in total were clustered within 1 cM on a single linkage group. Two SNPs on two different linkage groups were found for liver weight, gonad weight, fillet weight for a total of six different SNPs on five different linkage groups. The results presented will enable marker-assisted selection, leading to rapid enhancement of cod broodstock in Canada.

consumer demand, cod stocks, cod aquaculture, genomic tools, Single Nucleotide Polymorphism markers, sex determination, growth traits, Atlantic cod, Gadus Morhua