Identifying and Promoting Cultural Heritage Landscapes Along the Beaver Valley Section of the Bruce Trail

Beech, Kimberley
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University of Guelph

The Bruce Trail (BT) meanders through the 725 km long Niagara Escarpment corridor that has a long history of human settlement. The Beaver Valley section of the BT is a mosaic of cultural heritage landscapes (CHL) from early settlement farmsteads to iconic apple orchards. At present the BT does not incorporate CHL through trail design although it is important that these landscapes are identified as they provide a deeper connection with the people who shaped this landscape. The goal of this research is to create guidelines that will inform trail designers on how to establish a CHL experience along the Beaver Valley section of the BT. Research methods were informed by the Ontario Heritage Tool Kit which included field observation, key informant interviews, document and online archival review. The results were used to develop CHL guidelines specific to the BV and inform future trail design.

Cultural Heritage Landscape, Bruce Trail, Trail Design