The creation of a civic myth: representations of London in the Lord Mayor's Day pageants, 1585-1630

Martin, Kimberley
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of the various representations of the city of London in the scripts for the annual Lord Mayor's Day pageants. All of the extant texts from the years 1585-1630 have been used as primary sources. A thorough examination of these texts, supplemented by a detailed history of the period, has led the author to conclude that these pageant scripts acted as propaganda for the Twelve Great Livery Companies of London, and, in particular, for the Lord Mayor himself. Also included in this study is an investigation of the way that history and myth were misconstrued by the authors of said pageantry to suit the day's events by improving the image of their capital.

London, England, Lord Mayor's Day pageants, 1585-1630, Civic myth, Propaganda