Developing Just and Sustainable Food Systems Through Food Social Enterprise: A Case Study of Guelph-Wellington’s Circular Food Economy and Food Social Enterprises

Pannu, Arvinder
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University of Guelph

This thesis sets out to explore how are food social enterprises in the Guelph-Wellington region are creating a circular food economy and alleviating food insecurity in the region. This research offers insights for Regional Development Agencies, Canadian Legislature, Mayors, Councils and Committees, Public Health agencies, non-profits, private businesses, entrepreneurs into the role that food social enterprise can play within their communities. The research design incorporated semi-structured interviews with pertinent food social enterprises found through a multistep sample strategy. Food social enterprises in Guelph-Wellington have displayed how they can be a place to make investments for job growth and innovation; how they can bring key stakeholders together to build collaborations and explore solutions to on-ground issues; how they can align and advocate for change with regional resilience and prosperity goals; and lastly, how they can become pathfinders to support their communities and achieve their social and environmental goals with interdisciplinary teams.

Social Enterprise, Circular Economy, Food, Food Security, Case Study, Resilience