Hydraulic Head Hydrographs from Depth-Discrete High Resolution Multilevel Systems for Estimating Loading Efficiency and Specific Storage in a Silurian Dolostone Aquifer in Guelph, Ontaio

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Trudell, Paul

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University of Guelph


This study involves the application of the poroelastic theory of loading efficiency to a dolostone aquifer at a study site within the City of Guelph. At this 10 hectare site the Silurian ( 443 - 419 Ma) dolostone aquifer is 100m thick, covered by a thin layer of anthropogenic fill and underlain by an extensive deposit of low permeability shale. This study site is instrumented with five multilevel systems (MLS) with 51 total pressure transducers, and relies upon collected pore water time series datasets to determine depth-discrete loading efficiency profiles. The loading efficiency profiles are used to assess degree of confinement, and estimates of undrained uniaxial specific storage which are assessed for reasonableness against literature values and a traditional pumping test analysis previously conducted and monitored with the same infrastructure. The loading efficiency approach incorporated the heterogeneity of fractured dolostone rock aquifers in determining aquifer hydraulic properties.



DFN, MLS, loading efficiency, poroelasticity