Research Shop International Women's Day 2020 Posters


The goal of this project was to highlight significant achievements in women’s rights in Canada over the past 100 years. Researchers created a series of posters to be displayed at the 2020 International Women’s Day Event being held in Guelph by the Canadian Federation of University Women, Zonta, and Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis. Each poster highlights an historical achievement in women’s rights by providing a brief overview of the milestone, outlining the nature of the fight, noting the impact on Canadians, and describing what the achievement looks like today. Beyond the 2020 International Women’s Day event, partners plan to display the posters at exhibits at the Guelph Civic Museum and the Guelph Public Library in 2020.

International Women's Day, Women's rights, Gender equality, Canadian feminism, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Marriage and Divorce Act, Pay Equity Act, Female Employees Equal Pay Act, Legalization of abortion, Legalization of contraception, Women's right to vote in Canada, Canada Child Benefit Program, Maternity benefits, Human trafficking, Bill C-127, Sexual harassment in the workplace