Evolution of Soil Chemistry, Microbial Communities and Vegetation Establishment Following Soil Amendment Application to Stockpiled Till


The stripping and stockpiling of soil during mine development can result in the degradation of soil physical, chemical, and biological properties, making reclamation and vegetation establishment difficult. The goal of this project was to assess the progression of soil chemical and biological components as well as vegetation establishment through the application of various organic and inorganic soil amendments to stockpiled till. A mine site in northern Ontario was selected for this project. Soil chemical and biological properties as well as vegetation establishment were monitored from 2016 to 2019. Overall, bacterial and fungal communities grouped distinctly over time by amendments that shared similar soil chemical profiles and vegetation cover. This research has direct applications to mine reclamation, as this demonstrates that there are soil amendments that foster distinct bacterial and fungal communities that contribute or do not contribute to vegetation establishment.

Mine Reclamation, Soil Biodiversity, Metagenomics, Soil Amendments