Prediction of annual nitrogen and phosphorus export from forested stream catchments in Central Ontario

Dillon, P. J.
Molot, Lewis A.
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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

A need to predict nutrient export from unmonitored forested stream catchments in Ontario has been identified as part of a program to estimate the impact of shoreline development on lake trophic status. This paper presents empirical regression models for prediction of annual NH4+, NO3- total organic N and total P export from forested stream catchments in the Precambrian shield as functions of geology, physiography, hydrology and limited annual meteorological data. The data were collected from 32 streams in the Muskoka-Haliburton area of central Ontario measured during the 8 year period 1976/77 to 1983/84. A minimum of 6 consecutive years of sampling was necessary to avoid the possibility of a low R2.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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nutrient export, forested streams, catchment, shoreline development, trophic status, nitrogen, phosphorus, nitrate