Static response of neutron matter

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Buraczynski, Matthew
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University of Guelph

We investigate the problem of periodically modulated strongly interacting neutron matter. We carry out ab initio non-perturbative auxiliary-field diffusion Monte Carlo calculations using an external sinusoidal potential in addition to phenomenological two- and three-nucleon interactions. Several choices for the wave function ansatz are explored and special care is taken to extrapolate finite-sized results to the thermodynamic limit. We perform calculations at various densities as well as at different strengths and periodicities of the one-body potential. Our microscopic results are then used to constrain the isovector term from energy-density functional theories of nuclei at many different densities, while making sure to separate isovector contributions from bulk properties. Lastly, we use our results to extract the static density-density linear response function of neutron matter at different densities. Our findings provide insights into inhomogeneous neutron matter and are related to the physics of neutron-star crusts and neutron-rich nuclei.

nuclear physics, neutrons, quantum monte carlo, many-body physics, neutron stars, AFDMC, static response, energy density functional theory, local density approximation