Mookee: A ubiquitous learning platform with web services

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Wilks, Matthew T.
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University of Guelph

Ubiquitous learning' is the ability to learn everywhere across many contexts including devices and locations. This is valuable because it can provide a pervasive environment for accessing and sharing information. Statistics have shown that better access to education has been directly associated with improving economic growth and reducing poverty. A ubiquitous learning environment makes it possible to provide better access to education. Unfortunately, the market lacks a mainstream solution that, through open and interoperable design characteristics, is able to promote a ubiquitous learning environment. The goal of this thesis is to demonstrate that Web servicescan assist in supporting an effective ubiquitous learning environment. This goal is achieved through the proposed solution Mookee. Mookee is an online learning platform that makes educational content and services more open and accessible. It allows (1) students to access educational content and tools from any digital device, (2) teachers to create, copy, mix, and share educational content, and (3) developers to build educational applications with that content through services. All of these objectives are accomplished through the support of Web services.

ubiquitous learning, Web services, ubiquitous learning environment, Mookee, online learning platform, educational content, tools