Effects of stabilizers and processing on the microstructure and stability of a model ice cream

Montoya Bayardo, Karla
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University of Guelph

Cryo-Scanning Electron Microscopy (Cryo-SEM) techniques and image analysis were used to determine ice crystal size distributions of model ice cream solutions. The effect of polysaccharide stabilizers and processing variables such as freezing regime, temperature fluctuations, and the presence of polysaccharide stabilizers were investigated. The impact of these variables on the two glass-like transitions occurring during the warming of frozen carbohydrate solutions (Ttr1, ~-42°C and Ttr2, ~-35°C), were also studied using Modulated Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimeter (MTDSC). The speed and direction of heat removal, the agitation, and the presence of air bubbles, were determinant factors for the development of the distinct microstructures observed between samples frozen dynamically (swept surface heat exchanger) and quiescently. It has been suggested that under quiescent conditions a concentrated sucrose phase, different to the bulk phase, is formed around the crystals and is detected as a glass transition in the Reversing component (Cp*) at Ttr2. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

model ice cream, stabilizers, processing, microstructure, ice crystal