A Niche Trend in the Tourism Market: Wine Tourism in Italy

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Peeples, Sarah A.
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Although both tourism and wine are large contributors to the Italian economy and lifestyle, little is actually known about the practice of wine tourism as a niche sector. Academically, this niche tourism sector is extremely under-explored, and only a limited amount of information pertinent to the subject is currently available. This trend report will reveal an introduction to wine tourism, the history of its existence in Italy, its contributions to the economy, who the typical wine tourist is, impacts to date on the industry, and the anticipated future evolution. An analysis of current research determines that wine tourism in Italy has roots dating back to the Grand Tour in the mid nineteenth century, and in recent years has grown in popularity. Wine tourism has been regarded by Italy as a valid system for stimulating socio-economic advancement, and national laws regulate the wine and food routes. It is anticipated that the future of wine tourism in Italy will be largely shaped by the Internet, sustainability efforts, and a younger consumer and target market.

wine tourism, Italian wine, tourism Italy