O. A. C. Review Volume XLVIII Issue 6, March 1936

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Ontario Agricultural College

In this issue, Dr. Christie addresses the topics of showmanship and sportsmanship in his letter regarding the College Royal. Agricultural articles pertain to the product of maple trees and the preservation of frozen vegetables and fruit. Students contribute articles on the distraction of playing bridge, an experience of trawling in the North Sea, and taking a chance in dating and lotteries. The O. V. C. column comments on improving the hops (dances) and the vulgarity of swearing. In this issue is a controversial article on genetics, inheritable traits, and deliberate selection. While another article outlines academic options for student at O. A. C. -- short course, diploma course, and degree course. The literary section describes the success of the theatre production of "Dear Brutus", the inter-collegiate debates, and the courage necessary to be an actor. College Life reports on College Royal by listing the winners, the S. C. A. Conference, and the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA) competition results. The Macdonald Institute column provides an update on the campus connection to the conservationist Jack Miner, student humour, and women's sports results. The Alumni column contains letters from notable alumni, continuation of a travel diary, and alumni updates. The sports section reports on the various athletic endeavors of the students.

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