A Generative Perspective of Afro-Jamaican Fathers' Socialization of Values for their Children in Middle Childhood

Marshall Green, Amoy
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University of Guelph

The study explored Afro-Jamaican fathers’ perspectives on their fathering identity and the socialization of values with a focus on middle childhood. Specifically, I examined the roles and responsibilities that the fathers included in their fathering identity, the values that were instilled when the fathers were children and the values that the fathers wanted for their children, and how the fathers promoted values. The study utilized a thematic analysis methodology from a social constructivist perspective to analyse 10 semi-structured interviews with fathers between 28 and 37 years of age. I explored their perspectives in three areas: (a) construction of fathering identity, (b) perspectives on socialization of values, and (c) perceived factors that affect their socialization of values. The current study contributes to a deeper understanding of Afro-Jamaican fathering identity and socialization of values. There were three main empirical contributions. The study revealed that the fathering identity of Afro-Jamaican fathers was not limited to the behavioural dimension which is the primary areas of exploration in the fathering literature (Pleck, 2010). These fathers emphasized that the values that they experienced as children, and wanted for their children were multifaceted with specific explanations that expanded the prevailing conceptualizations of values (Chao, 1995; Chuang & Su, 2009). Lastly, the approaches that both caregivers and fathers encompassed to instill values in their children focused on strategies within several domains such as control, guided learning, group participation, support, and reciprocity.

Caribbean Fathering, Afro-Jamaican socialization of values, Middle childhood children socialization of values, Afro-Jamaican Fathering, Afro-Jamaican Fathering Identity, Factors affecting socialization of values, Strategies for promoting values, Justifications for values promotion, Fathering roles and responsibilities