The Effects of Biosolid Amended Soils on Turfgrass Health, Soil Quality, and Disease Development

Sukhu, Vighnesh
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University of Guelph

The effects of biosolids, a nutrient-rich organic material created from raw sewage, on turfgrass health, soil quality, and dollar spot suppression were examined. Two biosolid products, Lystek and Nutri-Pel, were compared with poultry manure, Sustane, and an inorganic fertilizer for their ability to maintain turfgrass growth and quality. A series of field and greenhouse studies showed that biosolids were able to maintain turfgrass growth and quality when supplemented with the inorganic product. The biosolids marginally improved organic matter content, microbial respiration, and did not reduce seedling emergence. Although no treatments suppressed dollar spot as well as the fungicide treatment, biosolids suppressed disease to levels comparable with the inorganic fertilizer and significantly lower than the negative control. Utilizing biosolids is a safe method to maintain turfgrass health, has the potential to substantially improve soil quality over time, and can be effective at reducing dollar spot development.

biosolid amended soils, turfgrass health, soil quality, disease development