Authenticity, integrity, and extra-ordinary experiences: an event evaluation of the Friday the 13th event in Port Dover, Ontario

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Clinton, Karis
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University of Guelph

Special events are complicated by the inherent diversity of each event. Additionally, the range of research from different disciplines makes it difficult to synthesize the many factors and a useful framework for evaluating events currently does not exist. Consequently, there is no way to make informed decisions about changes to an event or develop a hierarchy of factors that create a successful event for visitors and residents. The goal of this study was to verify that factors discovered in the literature were present in a successful event. The Port Dover, Ontario, Friday the 13th event was selected for study, and a multi-method approach for collecting information from stakeholders, visitors and residents was used. Results indicate that many of the factors in the planning and recreation literature do apply but additional factors were found.

special events, diversity, informed decision making, planning, success, visitors, residents