Heterogeneity in Canadian Consumer's Willingness to Pay for Chicken Raised with Varying Levels of Antibiotic Use

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King, Mitchell
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University of Guelph

This research examines the heterogeneity in consumer preference and willingness to pay (WTP) for chicken raised with reduced levels of antibiotic use. Stated choice data was collected through discrete choice experiments that were distributed to 1073 respondents across Canada. Conditional logit results revealed a positive and significant WTP for chicken raised without antibiotics and with responsible antibiotic use. Information given to respondents had an effect on WTP, with more informed consumers increasing their valuation of a responsible antibiotic use protocol. The venue, whether it was retail or restaurant had a small impact on consumer choice. There was significant heterogeneity observed in consumers’ preferences for antibiotic use. Respondents’ attitudes towards antibiotics proved to be a significant factor of heterogeneity and a clear relationship between the attitudes and WTP estimates was found.

chicken, antibiotics, willingness-to-pay, consumer preferences, mixed logit, conditional logit, heterogeneity, discrete choice experiment, choice analysis, stated preference data, information treatment