The status of land management practices on agricultural land in Canada: Compiled from the 1991 Canada Census of Agriculture

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Dumanski, J.
Gregorich, L. J.
Kirkwood, V.
Cann, M. A.
Culley, J. L. B.
Coote, D. R.
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Agriculture Canada

In recent years agricultural research has developed field practices that promote soil conservation, but how widely are such practices used in Canada? This question has been difficult to answer because no comprehensive inventory of these practices was available. To remedy this, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Centre for Land and Biological Resources Research and the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA) worked with the Agricultural Division of Statistics Canada to design a new land management module for the Canada Census of Agriculture. This module was first introduced in the 1991 Census, and results are presented in this report. The objectives of this report are: to record how agricultural land is used and managed in Canada, to produce a study that will serve as a baseline for all subsequent monitoring of land management practices through the census, and to provide information useful for environmental studies of soil and water quality.

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land management practices, soil, nutrients, herbicides, insecticides, soil erosion, fertilizer, irrigation, weed control, tillage practices, manure