Beans Improve Satiety to an Effect That is Not Significantly Different from Beef in Older Adults: A Randomized, Crossover Trial

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University of Guelph

Beans are a candidate food to increase satiety due to their protein and dietary fibre content. Beef does not contain dietary fibre but it is a common source of animal protein that can increase satiety due to its greater protein content. Dietary guidance encourages higher intake of plant-based protein foods and satiety studies could benefit the rapidly growing population segment of older adults. In a randomized, crossover study older adults (n=35) consumed three breakfast tortilla test meals containing one serving of black beans, red kidney beans, or extra-lean ground beef to compare their effect on satiety over a 180-minute period, food intake at an ad libitum test meal, and 24-h energy intake. Results showed no significant difference between treatments. This demonstrates that beans improve satiety to an extent that is not significantly different from beef thereby supporting a role for beans in a nutrient-dense and satisfying meal for older adults.

appetite sensations, beans, beef, satiety, older adults