Agricultural waste management program: Progress report, January 1990

Merkley, Craig
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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

The objectives and tasks of the MOE/UTRCA Agricultural Waste Management Program are as follows: i) continue to monitor background and runoff event conditions of the Kintore Creek east and west sub-basins. ii) provide an interim report on the effects of soil conservation practices on sub watershed water quality. iii) provide laboratory support costs for water sample analysis iv) initiate a study in cooperation with the Oxford County Health Unit to determine the extent and impact of unacceptable private septic systems within a rural geographical area of the Pittock Reservoir watershed. v) research, develop and install an alternate, low cost milkhouse wash water treatment method in the Pittock Reservoir, Sub-Basin #2 study area. vi) undertake a literature review of the effects of livestock access to streams on herd health and/or production. As of December 1989, most of the above objectives and tasks have been completed. The reports and associated data is enclosed in this Progress Report. The literature review will be completed during the winter months and will be included in the March 31, Final Report. Also note that for this report, the septic investigations data is presented in summary form. The data will be reviewed in more detail and presented again in the Final Report.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Waste Management Reports
water quality, runoff, soil conservation practices, septic system, milkhouse washwater, waste treatment, livestock access