Phosphorus reduction by algal cultures

Black, S. A.
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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

Because of the relatively low carbon/phosphorus ratio of algae, much interest has been given to the use of algal cultures as a means of stripping phosphorus from municipal sewage treatment plant effluents. This process has been studied rather extensively because of its possible economic advantage since algae so produced may have a potential market as a protein source in animal and human foods. Most of the algae studied for phosphate removal has been grown in waste stabilization ponds although several laboratory studies have also been conducted. An attempt will be made, in this paper, to summarize the results of several of these studies and to outline the results of field and laboratory studies and observations carried out by the Division of Research, Ontario Water Resources Commission.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Biological Surveys/Investigations Reports
algal culture, phosphorus, phosphorus stripping, phosphate removal, sewage treatment plant, efflucent, algae, phosphate uptake