National Soil Conservation Program research component: Summary Report

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Hamill, A. S.
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Agriculture Canada

The purpose of the National Soil Conservation Program (NSCP) Research Component was to encourage research related to soil management practices toward the long term productivity of soil. The research sub-program was given a budget of $1.1 million for the two year duration of the program. The initiation of the process to handle this component began in the fall of 1990. Dr. W. I. Findlay was appointed Scientific Authority for the solicitation of proposals for Soil Conservation Research. Through numerous committee meetings and with the assistance of individuals from the private sector, university, OMAF and Agriculture Canada, areas of concern were consolidated to issues which were subsequently developed into a "Statement of Work: which would be part of the Request for Proposals (RFP). Proposals totalling $4.45 million were submitted for consideration against the $1.1 million available. A rigorous review system, often involving out of province referees, was used with a preplanned evaluation criteria form. Twenty-nine referees were involved in the initial cut prior to committee priorization. Six proposals were selected for contract, three for in-house support and two for contribution agreements. In addition, a literature search on buffer strips was supported. The following pages present a short summary of the proposal selection process (in addition to the above), the statement of work, and the successful recipient. In each case where research was carried out, an Executive Summary (prepared by the awardee) and/or an edited version of the conclusions is provided. This document provides a "snapshot" of the findings related to the projects for which detailed reports are maintained separately.

National Soil Conservation Program (NSCP)
soil quality, soil conservation, soil management