Exploring the influence of residential settings on residents' territoriality

Ono, Sawako
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University of Guelph

Human territory is one of the central concepts of the study of environment and behaviour. This study employed sociological concepts, specifically theories of residents' territoriality to examine particular residential environments. The study was intended to obtain a better understanding of exterior spaces around dwellings, where clear territorial definitions need to be established to avoid conflict among residents. The study focused on residents' marking behaviour and territorial perceptions within exterior spaces through the use of exterior decoration observation and a questionnaire survey of residents. The results supported previous designers' suggestions for creating exterior home spaces results relate to results territorial issues. Conclusions suggest that different physical settings of front spaces have a significant influence on residents' territorial perceptions, and that potential design considerations from the literature can be applied to enhance residents' territoriality.

resident, territoriality, residential environments, exterior spaces, marking behaviour, territorial perceptions