Differences in susceptibility to interpersonal influence: Chinese s-generation adolescents and older adults

Zhang, Meng
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University of Guelph

This research is an investigation of the differences in susceptibility to interpersonal influence between Chinese s-generation adolescents and older adults. The fieldwork was conducted in Zhejiang province with a convenience sample of 428 Chinese respondents. The results reveled significant differences between s-generation adolescents and older Chinese adults in terms of their susceptibility to utilitarian interpersonal influences on purchase decision. However, no significant difference were found between these two groups with regard to value-expressive and informational interpersonal influences. In addition, interpersonal influences were also found to vary across demographic features within s-generation themselves, in particular, gender and region (urban vs. rural). This research contributes to the theory of consumers' susceptibility to interpersonal influence in the Chinese context. Managerial implications for marketing strategies targeting s-generation adolescents are also discussed.

interpersonal influence, Chinese, s-generation adolescents, older adults, Zhejiang province