Carbon Fibre Reinforcement of Ceramic Water Filters

Nicholson, Diana
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University of Guelph

This research strived to examine the potential for carbon fibre to improve the strength characteristics of ceramic water filters (CWFs) to improve their length of use in the field while maintaining, or improving, existing flow and bacteria attenuation capabilities. Model-scale CWF discs were made exploring several configurations of carbon fibre reinforcement and were tested for flow through rates, E coli attenuation, and equi-biaxial flexural strength. It was determined that, while the particular carbon fibre configurations explored in this study did not increase the strength of the CWF discs, they did provide some benefit such as improving flow-through rates while minimally detracting from bacteria removal. This indicates that the reinforcement of CWFs has potential and further research should be conducted to determine an appropriate reinforcement configuration to improve both their strength characteristics. Given that CWFs are gaining more widespread use in many countries worldwide, extending their lifespan of use would have significant value.

Carbon Fibre Reinforcement, Ceramic Water Filters, Clay Pot Water Filters, Fibre Reinforced Ceramics