O. A. C. Review Volume XXIX Issue 4, December 1916

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Ontario Agricultural College

This Christmas issue's agricultural articles feature how to be a successful farmer, the impact of margarine on the dairy industry, the production of winter eggs, clover seed production in Kenora, the impact of irrigation on Albertan agriculture, and the landscaping of rural properties. Articles that focus on an agriculture education address increasing agricultural education in rural schools, and the advantage of an agricultural education provided by a Short Course. Other articles include the simple life of Thoreau, and the Canadian Patriotic Fund. Christmas articles feature Christmas festivities of other lands, suggestions for a Christmas dinner, and a Christmas short story. This issue printed the winners of the O. A. C. Review's competition in short stories, poetry, photographs, and cartoons. Campus news reports on the new skating rink, the Student Co-operative Association election results, the Union Literary Society meetings, and the football games. There is also an obituary for the Minister of Agriculture. The Macdonald column reports on the Halloween masquerade. The Alumni column contains alumni news including additions to the honour roll, those killed in action, and letters from the Front.

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