O. A. C. Review Volume XXIV Issue 8, May 1912



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Ontario Agricultural College


This issue feature two debates regarding women's contribution to farm life and the Rural Home question. Articles also pertain to using a professional tiler for land drainage, propagating beans in Ontario, utilizing Thoroughbred stallions to improve horse stock in Canada, the need for a law governing dairy sanitation, and cultivation of potatoes. Two articles feature the use of natural and commercial fertilizers. The science of living article is continued in this issue. Articles regarding poultry include poultry husbandry, reviewing a unique farm, and if poultry farming is becoming a fad. There are two additional articles on farm organizations - Farmer's Clubs and the politics of famer's organizations. Two shorts stories by O. Henry and Jack London are included in this issue. Contained in this issue is an editorial on metacognition. Campus news reports on the election results of the college organizations and an article on swimming and lifesaving. The Macdonald column reports on the May Day celebration, the Au Revoir dance, the women's athletic results, and alumnae news. Alumni news is contained in the Alumni column.



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