The influence of student attitudes and perceived social pressure on attendance at men's basketball games

Stevens, Heather Violet
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation d how student attitudes and/or perceived social pressures influence actual and/or intended attendance behavior at University of Guelph men's basketball games. Due to the lack of relevant research in this field, focus groups were utilized to identify factors that influence attendance. Eleven of these variables were incorporated into a questionnaire which was distributed and collected on campus. A total of 350 students participated in the study who reported on their attitudes, perceived social pressures and actual/intended attendance behavior. The differences between attendance categories (non, occasional and frequent) were also investigated. The regression results suggested that: social pressure; knowledge of the rules; economics/value for the money; and previous experience in the sport were important variables in explaining student attendance. The impact of these variables on marketing strategy and recommendations to improve attendance were explored.

student attitudes, perceived social pressures, influence, attendance behavior, University of Guelph, men's basketball games