Sedimentological and geomorphical investigation of the Paris Moraine in the Guelph area, Ontario, Canada

McGill, Michael
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University of Guelph

A sedimentological and geomorphologic investigation southeast of the City of Guelph, Ontario was undertaken to determine the nature, trends in distribution, and origin of subsurface sediments in the Paris moraine. Sediments were investigated by drilling five cored-holes, mapping geomorphic elements, and creating a database of existing data. Nine broadly encompassing and reoccurring lithofacies were identified, ranging from gravel to clayey silt. The general transverse trend of geomorphic elements across the moraine consists of a frontslope, hummocky, and backslope element. Sediment-landform associations were identified from the synthesis of cored-hole, geomorphic element mapping, and lithologic cross-section data. Based on these results, the Paris Moraine is thought to be the remnants of an ice-cored controlled moraine. The relief inversion process responsible for the formation of the controlled moraine creates a horizontally and vertically variable distribution of lithofacies. Hydrogeologic properties of the moraine sediments will likely be similarly spatially variable and difficult to predict.

Paris Moraine, Moraine, Sedimentology, Guelph, Lithofacies, Hydrogeology, Relief Inversion, Quaternary, Glacial, Supraglacial, End Moraine