The Effect of Pre-processing on the Nutritive, Physical, and Sensory Properties of Proso Millet

Sarker, Abir
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University of Guelph

Millet is a small seeded grain that is highly nutritious, gluten free and has a low glycemic index. However, it is underutilized in North America as consumers find the taste unappealing. This study examined the use of pre-processing on proso millet and its effect on the nutritive, physical, and sensory properties. Germination maintained the nutritive value of millet. The expected glycemic index increased as rate of germination increased, from 46.5-60.8. Descriptive analysis showed decortication led to mild flavour. The germinated samples were rated highest for sweetness; however this was not enough to mask the bitterness, which also increased. Phenolic content in decorticated millet significantly reduced (p>0.05), whereas they increased in the germinated samples. This could have contributed to the stronger bitter taste perceived. Germination was not successful in improving the flavour of millet, however decorticated millets flavour was enhanced by reducing negative sensory properties.

Millet, Unappealing taste, Pre-processing on proso millet, Mild flavour, Phenolic