Tuning in: An inventory of rural FM radio in Ghana

Whaites, Nikki
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University of Guelph

This study is an exploratory analysis of rural FM radio in sub-Saharan Africa with Ghana as the single case study. It seeks to describe the current situation of rural radio in the county including levels of rural development programming and community participation. Analysis focuses on the three main sectors of rural radio---community, commercial and GBC. As no current comprehensive listing of rural stations is available, the study is able to identify 52 operational rural FM stations and their transmission ranges. GBC stations covered a greater percentage of Ghana. However, community stations have the highest levels of rural development programming and participation. The study concludes that, while levels of rural development programming and participation are satisfactory, they can be increased. The coverage of rural radio in Ghana and its pluralistic character suggest that radio will remain a crucial medium of communication for rural peoples in sub-Saharan Africa.

rural, FM radio, sub-Saharan Africa, Ghana, rural radio, rural development programming, community participation