Knowledge synthesis in animal and veterinary research: Blog posts


Why read this blog series? To learn about the science of putting animal and veterinary research knowledge together using ‘knowledge synthesis’ tools. This blog series may interest you if: You use research to make decisions and keeping up is a challenge; You have been confused by conflicting study results; You refer to existing research to support your own research; You help to direct research funding; You just want to make sense of so much research generated in a field of interest. Blog post #1 provides definitions and resources related to knowledge synthesis in animal and veterinary research. Blog post #2 discusses evidence-based decision making and why it matters. Blog post #3 looks at evidence hierarchy and the research continuum adapted for animal research and veterinary medicine.

In this series we’ll cover the concept of ‘knowledge synthesis’, its tools, and how each is used to gather the research, summarize it, and sort out why all study results are not the same (e.g. bias, sampling error (chance), inherent differences in studies and the subjects being studied.
knowledge synthesis, tools, definitions, resources, evidence-based decisions, evidence hierarchy, evidence pyramid, research continuum