Black-white mixed relationships in Canada

Bauer, Elaine
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University of Guelph

Black and white marriages have been one of the consequences of migration for centuries, yet they are widely seen by society as problematic. How far does the experience of people who are in such relationships support this view? This paper is based on what the men and women in twenty heterosexual interracial relationships in Ontario, Canada, had to say about their experiences. The interview process provided me with a clearer insight on these people's experiences than did the literature on the theoretical or stereotypical ideas about racism, couple relationships, the children and other related matters. I have quoted extensively from interview transcripts so that the voices of these women and men can be heard. The findings do not speak to the experiences of all couples in black-white mixed relationships in Canada, or even to the experiences of all such couples in Ontario. They do however, demonstrate that even though the bulk of the literature views black-white relationships as problematic, this view is not supported by the experiences of most of these people.

Black-wite, Mixed relationships, Canada, Experiences, Interviews