Using CO2 to Make Innovative Building Materials: Intensification, Energetical Analysis, and Life Cycle Assessment of Mineral Carbonation

Chalouati, Salma
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University of Guelph

Mineral carbonation is one of the most effective and widely used climate change mitigation technologies. Regardless of its efficiency, it is slow and energy intensive. The effectiveness and reactivity of different Alkali-feedstocks under different process conditions and parameters are investigated in this work using intensified mineral carbonation in a ball mill reactor. Different analyses were performed on the carbonated materials. The findings revealed that the reaction worked and that several carbonates were formed even though the reactor was not initially designed for this purpose. Then, an energy assessment and a life-cycle assessment of the process were provided to investigate the process costs and environmental concerns. The findings highlighted the process's potential for larger-scale implementation, as well as the use of carbonated minerals as a cement substitute in future building materials.

Mineral carbonation, Energetical assessment, ball milling, CO2 sequestration, life cycle assessment, Intensification