Final report for Advanced Manure Management Technologies for Ontario project

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St. Jean, Richard
Alderman, John
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Queen's Printer for Ontario

The AMMTO project was initiated to develop a decision making process and tools to be used by livestock producers and regulators to determine the viability, capabilities and limitations of advanced manure management technologies for Ontario livestock farms. The overall objective of the project was to develop a database of new and emerging manure management technologies that would provide a means for farmers to identify technologies that potentially could meet their livestock operation requirements. The specific project objectives were as follows: 1. Develop specific measurable criteria for evaluating the capabilities of new manure management technologies

  1. Evaluate technologies based on specific measurable criteria developed in Objective 1

  1. Develop a "Steps to Implement" database to provide the information and tools required by the agricultural community to determine the capabilities and suitability of manure management technologies to meet specific needs of livestock producers

  1. Select four case study farms and use the "Steps to Implement" database tools to determine a suitable technology to meet the manure management objectives of thecase study farm

and 5. Complete an economic assessment of the manure management technology selected for each farm using the AMMTO economic template as a basis for the evaluation.This final report provides a summary of the project activities, case studies, and findings.

Advanced Manure Management Technologies for Ontario (AMMTO)
manure, manure management, nutrient, economic