Exploring industrial heritage and revitalization at the Chaudie Islands

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Mahoney, Jennifer
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University of Guelph

The flight of manufacturing and production from urban centres has had a profound impact on cities, leaving them with the challenge of reintegrating disused industrial lands into the urban fabric to achieve goals related to sustainability, urban revitalization, and economic vitality. Without appropriate planning and urban design solutions, our industrial heritage is at risk of loss through 'tabula rasa' approaches to redevelopment. This study qualitatively examines how principles of regeneration, urban design and heritage conservation may be combined to revitalize impacted areas while leveraging industrial heritage as a testament to urban evolution. Data collected through a literature review and case studies are analyzed using an inductive approach and synthesized into a design and planning framework for redeveloping former industrial areas. The framework is applied to a 30-hectare former industrial site in Ottawa, Canada, to formulate development guidelines and assess the framework's applicability as a tool.

Chaudiere Islands, Industrial heritage, Revitalization, Development guidelines, Sustainability